10 random facts about Plymouth you’d be happy to know



Entertainment and attractions abound in Plymouth. Mix in intriguing tales of history and a salty sea breeze, and you know why this community is a gem on the South Shore. Here are 10 random facts about Plymouth you’d be happy to know:

  1. Plymouth is one of “The 25 Best Beach Towns in New England,” according to Yankee Magazine. The article reads, in part: “With a thriving town center and historic sites galore, including Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower II, this community has all the makings of a premier beach town.”
  1. When it comes to Plymouth Rock, facts and fiction are inseparable. Although local lore maintains this is the very rock where the Pilgrims first set foot, facts suggest otherwise. Did you know there is also a Plymouth Rock on Mars? NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit took a photo of the chunk of basalt that, since June 7, 2004, informally bears the same name as America’s birthstone.
  1. Yes, it really is spelled “Plimoth.” The living history museum in Plymouth is called Plimoth Planation — and that’s no coincidence. Like so many other peculiarities in this area, the explanation dates back to the 17th century. With no Merriam-Webster at hand, writers would often spell out words phonetically. William Bradford, the English Separatist leader who signed the Mayflower Company and later became the governor of Plymouth Colony, was no exception. In a historical account, he wrote “Plimoth.” The museum, wishing to distinguish itself from the town, embraced the spelling.
  1. Mayflower II has returned to Plymouth! The legendary ship with the stately silhouette was renovated and repainted in Mystic Seaport, Conn., this past winter but made its way back to Plimouth Plantation in late May, just in time for the tourist season. A full-scale reproduction of the original Mayflower, it first crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1957, and will undergo further repairs in order to really shine at the 400th anniversary of the maiden voyage in 2020.
  1. Who said wine has to come from Napa Valley? Plymouth boasts two local wineries: Plymouth Winery and Plymouth Bay Winery. Both located on Water Street within walking distance to Plymouth Rock and other attractions, they offer a range of fruit and grape wines. They carry on the tradition of the New England colonists who also had an affinity for winemaking, although they used honey in the fermentation process.
  1. If you want to go hiking, look no further than Plymouth. More than 250 miles of trails crisscross the area — including the mile-long stroll through the Crowley Woodlands Preserve and the Pilgrim Trail that cuts through Brewster Gardens in downtown Plymouth. And let’s not forget about the trails at Redbrook, laid out by the Appalachian Mountain Club.
  1. As one of the first settlements in the country and the site of the first Thanksgiving feast, Plymouth is also known as America’s Hometown. Wikipedia states, “The events surrounding the history of Plymouth have become part of the mythology of the United States.”
  1. The much-anticipated grand opening of the new Old Colony YMCA at Redbrook is drawing near. Scheduled to premiere this fall, the first phase includes an 8,000-square-foot fitness center, with four workout studios and a range of group fitness classes; a preschool; drop-off child watch for children, aged 3 months to 7 years; a variety of family activities; and wellness programs. The second phase will bring a six-lane lap pool, a family pool, basketball courts, and soccer fields.
  1. The Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth is the oldest continually operating public museum in the United States. Built in 1824, the museum houses an unmatched collection of 17th century artifacts that tell the story of the Pilgrims and the founding of America. See the cradle of New England’s first-born, William Bradford’s Bible, and the only portrait of a Pilgrim painted from life.
  1. The daily ferry trips from Plymouth to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod are on for the summer. Let yourself be whisked away for a day of gallery browsing, lunching at quirky restaurants, and soaking in the sun on the world-famous National Seashore. The ride takes 90 minutes each way.

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