5 wintry activities in Plymouth you don’t want to miss

lifestyle-winter2bPlymouth is about to turn into Winter Wonderland. And the best part is: Redbrook residents only have to travel for a minute or two – if at all – to enjoy some classic winter activities. Which one do you favor?

1. Skate away

You don’t have to be an Olympic skater to enjoy gliding across the ice at Armstrong Arena in Plymouth. Lace up your skates for public skating or take a class in the well-maintained facility on Long Pond Road. Armstrong Arena offers anything from Learn to Skate to programs for budding figure skaters and hockey stars. Then again, if the sun is out and the temperature hovering in the mid-20s, you may choose to hit the ice at Deer Pond, a short walk from your Redbrook home.

2. Explore on skis

Snow-covered trees. Miles of natural-snow trails. A pair of cross-country skis. Combine the three ingredients and the result is reinvigorating. As a Redbrook resident, you only have to venture outside your house to find the trails laid out by the Appalachian Mountain Club that meander through the Village, past Deer Pond, and the Besse Bog and Eagle Hill reservoirs. For a run deep into nature, visit the sprawling Myles Standish State Forest in the southern section of Plymouth and the town of Carver. A recent visitor says cross-country skiing across this ecologically significant land with its kettle ponds and contiguous pitch of pine/scrub oak communities is “pure beauty.”

3. Go snowshoeing

If you are new to New England winters, a pair of snow shoes is your vehicle for exploration, and you can learn how right next door at the Myles Standish State Forest. The easy-to-learn and inexpensive sport is suited for young, old, and everyone in between. And, you will be pleased to know snowshoers burn calories at a much higher rate than runners and walkers, according to Snowsports Industries America.

4. Find the perfect hill

The thrill of speeding down the hill on a sled before tumbling face first into a snow drift – few things beat the simple fun of sledding. Channel your inner child or watch your own take off on their saucers at any of Plymouth’s informal sledding venues. Insiders say Manomet Elementary School and the rest area at Exit 5 off Route 3 offer the best slopes in the area. Here’s a recipe for hillside success: Bring a thermos with hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows. Can you hear the kids squeal with delight?

5. Become an artist

When temperatures creep too low for comfort, why not bring your friends to Paint Nite? The popular concept lets people connect over drinks while unleashing their inner artist. Founded in 2012 by two residents of Somerville, Mass., Paint Nite has spread across the globe, from Buenos Aires and London to Boston and – Plymouth. Each event takes place at a local hotspot – favored Plymouth locations include Alden Park, Martinis, and Ernie’s Restaurant – and is led by a local artist who will guide you through the process of creating an outstanding piece of art. Reserve your space in advance. Who knows, you may be a Picasso in the making.

You cannot go wrong with these wintry activities in Plymouth. Happy winter.

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