Nature Walks at Redbrook

mass audubon nature walksSometimes, a solitary stroll through the woods is a Zen-like way to get a little exercise and decompress.  Other times, a guided nature walk is in order.

At Redbrook, a whole series of nature walks is planned for residents and their families only.  The next walk is scheduled for May 1.

The purpose of these walks is to introduce the human denizens of Redbrook to the wildlife which also calls this village home. Whether it’s the bald eagles soaring overhead, the variety of ducks that touch down on our ponds, or the wild orchids that emerge in the spring, it’s all interesting, and worth learning more about.

The May walk will focus on the season of renewal. And as is typical in New England, the weather didn’t cooperate for the original early April date, as a late season snowstorm covered the “renewal” in a thick white blanket.

Our guide for the May walk is Jennifer Costa, Volunteer and Outreach Programs Administrator at Mass Audubon’s South Coast Sanctuaries. Jen was also responsible for developing and implementing last year’s educational program for children, funded by the A.D. Makepeace Company’s charitable foundation, at the nearby Lyman Estate Reserve in Buzzards Bay.

Jen will join us again in June, when a member of the Makepeace cranberry team will bring us out to the bogs to see the tiny white flowers that will ultimately turn into cranberries, and the honeybees that make that happen.

It’s back to the bogs in October, when Redbrook residents will get a private tour of the cranberry harvest.  We’ll see that it’s not just a beautiful scene, but it’s a complex process that relies equally on state-of-the-art equipment and old-fashioned know-how.

We’ll round out the year in November with a program especially for the kids.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, they’ll get a close-up look at the turkey’s wild cousin in its natural habitat.

Redbrook’s pristine open space offers a window on the natural environment that we in eastern Massachusetts don’t always get a chance to see.  When you know more about what you’re seeing and hearing (and maybe even smelling), we’re sure you’ll have a greater appreciation for your new “neighbors” at Redbrook.

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