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Architectural Firm Websites — Key Requirements

Requirement 1:
A Secure Website with SSL

What is SSL Security? An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate provides private encryption for any data flowing between your website server and the browser that someone uses to view your website. Having this security technology transforms your “insecure” website into a “secure” website.

What does SSL do? Any time the user on an “insecure” website fills out a form and submits it or conducts any other transaction on that website, that data can be easily stolen by a hacker. SSL technology prevents hacker access to that data.

Do website visitors care? Absolutely. A recent survey by a leading software developer shows that 82% of respondents would leave a site that indicates it is not secure. 

Why should you care? Trust is paramount in selling architectural services, and your website represents your company and your brand. None of your interactions with your clients or prospects should be perceived as “insecure.” The security of information is essential to your clients. If your website is not protecting users’ data, your overall brand as a trusted partner is threatened.

Is your site secure? It’s easy to tell. Just bring your website up in your browser window and look at the web address line (URL) at the top of  the page. It will say “Not Secure” right before your web address, and your URL will begin http:// rather than https:// if you do not have an SSL Certificate.

What should you do? Find a website design firm that will ensure your site is updated with an SSL Certificate. Call us at Great Island Design: 978.741.0112, and we will be happy to help you.

Requirement 2:
A “Responsive” Website

What is it? A “responsive” website is one that automatically reformats on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones. This allows the content to be easily viewed by users on any size screen.

How is it created? A website developer will build your website in one of the top responsive CMS (Content Management System) platforms (WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.) WordPress is used by over 60% of all CMS websites and by over one-third of all websites on the internet.

Do website visitors care? Absolutely. More than 52% of all website traffic is on mobile devices such as smartphones. If your website is not responsive, it is not formatted to be seen on these devices, and visitors will not stay on your site.

Why should you care? Not only will mobile viewers not use your website, but Google also punishes unresponsive sites in search rankings, and Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic. An unresponsive site is harder to find. 

Is your site responsive? It’s easy to test. Just click on this link and type your web address into the box. It will tell you immediately if your site is responsive or not.

What should you do? Have your website redesigned on a responsive CMS platform. Great Island Design creates high-performing, branded websites for firms like yours.  To view some of them, click here.

Great Island Design for Architectural Firm Websites

Why Great Island? We understand the goals of firms in architectural and creative industries. We have the strategic thinkers, designers, and writers that can help you plan your website to meet your goals now and into the future.

We also know that your brand speaks volumes about the quality and value of your services.

Quality, trust, brand recognition, goodwill—these are among the intangible assets that are essential to engaging developers, investors, and design clients where there is no substitute for exceptional service.

We work across all communications platforms, integrating your brand in print, websites, email, and newsletters, so you reach new clients and stay in touch with your current base.

Please take a look at the website we recently produced for DNK Architects, and then please allow us the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help with your branding and marketing communications needs.

“I am pleased to recommend Great Island Design for strategy, web design and branding services. GID created a new website for my architectural firm, DNK. They prepared a plan, a schedule, and budget for our work and they delivered! Their team of designers and strategists provided the strategic thinking and creative ideas required to create a new, fully-responsive capabilities and portfolio website for DNK. They are great listeners and helped us to synthesize our vision. Their knowledge of website design, social media and search engine optimization basics was invaluable. We enthusiastically recommend GID to anyone in need of a talented creative firm to help promote their brand and build business”.
— Guinette Kirk, Vice Pres., DNK Architects, Cincinnati, Ohio

Great design is just our starting point.

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