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Gallery 2 – Cats

Gallery 2 - Cats - Lloyd

House Panther / Salem, MA

Let’s face it — I’m a black cat in Salem. That’s like being a pumpkin in a pie. If I was any cooler, my litter box would freeze over. I’m not afraid of anything. Even cucumbers. I hate closed doors, so I hang on the doorknobs till they swing open. End of story.

Gallery 2 - Cats - Lily

Long-Haired Calico / Lynn, MA

Yes, I am full-figured, but I’m trying to be body-positive. The fact is, I love my food. If I was a human, I would head to Vegas for the buffet. And to chase the dice.

Gallery 2 - Cats - Zwolf

Burmese Mix / Salem, MA

I am a rescue from Rhode Island — I don’t want to go into it. Something to do with too much catnip and a squabble with some surly quahogs. Life is good now. My buddy Michael feeds me chicken and tuna, although I’ve been known to eat paper and plastic in a pinch. Shame on me.


Peterbald Sphynx / Salem, MA

I admit that I’m a Diva and why not? Apparently Strauss wrote his third operetta about moi. Everything annoys me. Literally. Everything. I only eat bread, chips, scrambled eggs, and milk — barely. You can’t be too thin. And neither can your fur. Stop staring at my ears.


Siberian Forest Cat / Salem, MA

Truth be told I would prefer to live in the wilderness, off the grid. I don’t like being picked up or “cuddled” or looking at humans with their stupid hats. For some reason they named me after a gooey German Christmas cookie. I can’t wait to blow this popsicle stand and thumb a ride north. If I had a thumb…

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