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How to get your portrait

Gallery 3 – Everybody Else

Gallery 3 - everybody else: lizard

Leopard Gecko / Lynn, MA

I’m two years old and I live with my Dad and his girlfriend. She’s nice. My favorite foods are mealworms and dubia roaches. When my tank is getting misted, I get misted, too, which bothers me a lot even though I need it. If I was human, I would most likely still sleep all day.

Gallery 3 - everybody else: chickens

“Violet” & “Ginger”
Easter Egger & Buff Orpington
North Shore

Obviously, we’re chickens, so there’s that. The egg thing is kind of automatic. We do enjoy dried worms, watermelon and corn on the cob, as well as dust baths and running away from hawks. There’s a road in front of the house we’re thinking about crossing.

Gallery 3 - everybody else: Mitch

Russian Tortoise / Lynn, MA

I live in a pet shop waiting for my forever home. I’m sometimes mistaken for a Senator, hence my name. Plus, I don’t get much done. I love lettuce and kale. With Russian dressing (just kidding).

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